ECO-FLO Sump Pump Reviews – (Best Sump Pump Brands 2022)

The logo on the body of the pump with sweet small leaf and the frog on that leaf and the word “Eco” is naturally associated with a nature-friendly product. Like other best sump pump brands, ECO-FLO has a wide range of products designed for different fields including sump pumps. This is understandable because the pumping industry is enormous and contains competition. While the ECO-FLO brand is relatively young in this sector as it has been operational since 2008, it has a variety of workers who are in this sector for a long time. In addition to that, it also has a history as an OEM supplier before 2008.

Its headquarters is in Ashland, Ohio indicating that this is also an American company. One reason for this industry and best sump pump brands to be located densely in this continent is the destructive weather conditions such as fierce storms and hurricanes to which this continent is highly exposed because of America’s long ocean coastline.

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 ECO-FLO Products EFSA50 5160 GPH Cast Iron Sump Pump

Price: $$$ | Hp: 1/2 | Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.5 x 9.8 inches | Item Weight: 24.6 pounds | Material: Cast Iron

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 ECO-FLO Products SPP33V Sump Pump

Price: $ | Hp: 1/3 | Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 8.3 x 13.4 inches | Item Weight: 9.5 pounds | Material: Thermoplastic

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ECO-FLO Products EFSA33 3160 GPH Sump Pump

Price: $$$$ | Hp: 1/3 | Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.5 x 9.9 inches | Item Weight: 22 pounds | Material: Cast Iron

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ECO-FLO Products Products ECD50V Submersible Sump Pump

Price: $$ | Hp: 1/2 | Product Dimensions:8.8 x 6.5 x 12.9 inches | Item Weight:16.5 pounds | Material: Cast Iron

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ECO-FLO Products ECD75W Sump Pump

Price: $$$$$ | Hp:3/4 | Product Dimensions: 10 x 9.8 x 17.7 inches | Item Weight:22.2 pounds | Material: Cast Iron

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ECO-FLO Products EFSA50 1/2 HP, 5,160 GPH Cast Iron Sump Pump 

This heavy-duty sump pump with cast iron motor housing and thermoplastic volute belongs to 1/2 series of ECO-FLO. We think that EFSA50 pushes the limits with its 5100 GPH removing capacity. The capacity on the surface, 4460 GPH at 5 ft. and 2840 GPH at 15 ft. The brand uses thermal overload protection since it has become a standard feature among the best sump pump brands in the industry. It protects the motor from overheating and stops the motor automatically when the heat rises to a certain degree and allows it to cool down and then starts the motor again.

Thanks to the rugged cast iron motor housing, the motor stays cool to a certain degree under the water. It is not only ECO-FLO which takes such a measure to protect its motor when it overheats.

This 24,6 lbs. sump pump owes its weight to the cast iron. We can definitely say that weight is not a disadvantage but an advantage considering the basement sump pump systems as the stronger the feet of the pump in the sump pit is, the better it is for the pump to fight against the buoyancy of the water.

ECO FLO which has thermoplastic impeller comes with a vertical float switch integrated on the body and offers a 2-year limited warranty.

ECO-FLO Products SPP33V 1/3 HP, 3,600 GPH Thermoplastic Sump Pump 

SPP33V which comes with its usual black color and unique logo is a thermoplastic sump pump of the brand’s product range. Almost all other best sump pump brands also use thermoplastic material in their product range. While the performance of its 1/3 HP motor at the surface level is 3600 GPH, it falls back to 2940 GPH at 5 ft. of the head. At 15 ft., its performance decreases all the way back to 1560 GPH and this number is quite convenient for residential areas which face no extreme flooding. SPP33V offers 2 types of switch. You can choose either the vertical or wide-angle switch which is also called tethered float switch and add it into the package.

One of the main features of ECO-FLO is to handle solids up to a certain amount (3/8 inch) and the semi-open thermoplastic impeller is what it makes it happen. Sump pumps are usually used to pump clean water out. At this point, ECO-FLO differs from the other best sump pump brands and adds another feature to itself.

Thanks to its 9.5-pound weight which may be considered as light and relatively small, it is easy to move and install the pump, on the other hand, you may need to make additional effort to hold the pump still in the pit.

This pump also has a standard GFCI protection and requires 115V of energy supply. After buying the sump pump, The warranty period is limited to 1 year which is usual for thermoplastic products. Still, it is a basement/crawl space sump pump with an affordable price because of this same feature.

ECO-FLO Products EFSA33 1/3 HP, 3,160 GPH, Cast Iron Sump Pump 

As the 3rd product, we are going to review the EFSA33 1/3 HP from ECO-FLO’s EFSA series. If you look at its features, you will see that this model is almost the same with EFSA50. The cast iron motor housing which enables longer protection by dissipating the heat from the motor to the whole body and the standard thermal overload protection are two important features of the sump pump for a longer lifetime. It is placed on a thermoplastic volute casing as in the EFSA50. Upper and lower ball-bearings under and over the motor reduces friction and therefore extends the motor life.

Another feature of the sump pump is the stainless steel handle, switch arm, switch guard and fasteners. This material protects the sump pump from corrosion and rusting. This has also become a standard feature of best sump pump brands

Eco-Flo uses specialized split capacitor motor like most of the best sump pump brands does. And thanks to its split capacitor motor, it has a two-phase working system and in the first phase, it starts the motor effectively and in the second phase, it keeps the motor working. Furthermore, this powerful technology saves energy.

One of the most striking features of this product, as in the EFSA50, is its float. The float is longer and swollen compared to float switches of other best sump pump brands  This float is integrated to the pump from the bottom and top and thanks to stainless steel switch guard, the switch doesn’t get stuck in the sump pit walls and therefore the pump continues its usual and sustainable operation. Last but not least, we should add that it has a 2-year limited warranty.

ECO-FLO Products ECD50V 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump

The brand offers 3 different sump pumps within the ECD series with different motor powers (1/2, 1/3, 3/4 HP). As a product of ECD series, ECD50V has two different float switch options: vertical and wide-angle (tethered), and 1/2 HP motor.

1/2 HP motor discharges 4400 gallons of water per hour at the surface level and this number decreases to 3800 and 2820 gallons of water at 5 ft. and 15 ft., respectively. While the cast iron motor housing controls the motor heat, the heavy material increases the weight of the pump to 19 lbs. The warranty period covers 2 years for this product.

The thermoplastic vortex impeller is designed to eliminate the risk of clogging and to handle 1/2 inches solids which means that you don’t need to worry about the solids smaller than that. However, this may turn into a disadvantage as these solids passing through the thermoplastic impeller may harm the impeller.

Contrary to EFSA series, the structure of vertical switches in this series is standard. Of course, you have another option if you don’t want to use the vertical switch. You can also prefer the wide-angle float switch.

ECD50V, which is longer than the others, requires 115V AC power. This is a sump pump that you can consider for your basements or crawl spaces. Either as a first product or replacement or even as a backup.

ECO-FLO Products ECD75W 3/4 HP, 6,000 GPH Cast Iron Sump Pump 

ECD75W, as we can also call it the monster of ECD series, is a heavy-duty cast iron sump pump manufactured to fight against the extreme weather conditions and flooding with its 3/4 HP motor and discharge capacity of 6,000 GPH.

If you read our ECO-FLO reviews, you probably had the idea that you can choose either the vertical float switch or wide-angle float switch. ECD75W, which is a basement/crawl space sump pump with 5500 GPH performance at 5 ft. and 4300 GPH at 15 ft., has two years of warranty period. It has thermal overload protection inside in case it overheats while working under the water for a long time within the 18-inch diameter and 24-inch deep basin.

Non-clogging vortex and thermoplastic impeller easily handle the solids up to 3/4 inches. It is rather a heavy sump pump with 21 lbs. weight. Because of that ECO-FLO tried to reduce its weight with a plastic handle. However, as we have explained before, weight in a submersible sump pump is an advantage in terms of its stability in the pit. ECD75W also comes with an additional NPT adapter for pipes with different diameters. It is quite a reasonable choice for your flooded basements and crawl spaces.

ECO-FLO Pumps Company and ECO-FLO Sump Pumps

Foundation & Company

Eco-Flo Pump Company

Headquartered in 1889 Cottage Street, Ashland, Ohio, ECO-FLO is founded in 2008. Started off to become one of the best sump pump brands worldwide. This young company is an ISO 9000 facility and all of its products are CSA approved. It has the capacity to manufacture especially heavy-duty sump pumps and the manufacturing process is carried out in ECO-FLO facilities with a system called “aggressive manufacturing”.

In addition to English, as its headquarter is in the USA, they issue their product manuals in French and Spanish. This indicates that ECO-FLO exports to other countries. Speaking of indicators, one of the biggest disadvantages of ECO-FLO is the lack of sufficient online information. We expected to get more online information on the company which considered to be one of the best sump pump brands. Of course also about its products as a reliable and rooted brand in the industry. Nevertheless, thanks to their manuals, website and phone number, you can get all kinds of the best information about this sump pump brand from installation to using and maintenance phases and therefore, ECO-FLO looks like a company which is capable of providing you with the corporate support.


The long period that ECO-FLO is able to keep its products cool. Its quiet working system and the quality of the built-in float switches are especially appreciated by the customers. In addition to sump pumps, it also manufactures utility pumps, sump pump backup systems, effluent pumps, sewage pumps, submersible well pumps, jet pumps, waterfall fountain pumps and a wide range of pump accessories and components.

There are scarcely any package-related customer complaints. Because ECO-FLO pays special attention to the packaging system. And as a result of that developed the color coding packaging system. Apart from that they also offer an enhanced point of sale information service to their customers. So, that they can choose the best product for their needs. They have many online and local distributors. That is, you can find and buy their products from any platform you like.

Manufacturing heavy-duty products and keeping the warranty period short reduce the costs of the company. Unfortunately, we must inform you that it is a disadvantage in terms of the customer’s experience. It, of course, affects the reliability of this young company, but the last say belongs to the ratio of customers who use the product and are satisfied or unsatisfied with it. Maybe as their experience increases in time and they guarantee their position in the sector as one of the top-rated sump pump manufacturers, they handle this situation and get the opportunity to prove to their customers how much they trust their products so the customers are able to help to lift up their position positively in best sump pump ratings and reviews.

Final Thoughts


  • Being a young brand among the best sump pump brands
  • The short period of warranty
  • Insufficient amount of online information on the company
  • It is not clear that if the company has any international distributors
  • No intense testing.


Contrary to popular belief, sump pumps are not always manufactured only by corporates. Sometimes, you can also see the handcrafted products manufactured. And introduced by a local manufacturer engaged in mechanical operations which is durable and stable as a brand’s product. These products may have strong features, yet they can’t give you the trust of a corporate. Because they may be the kind of manufacturers to whom you can’t reach. Or you reach them but they can’t promise you any warranty or support. If you are a small or big brand with a reputation you have to give confidence to your customers. Firstly you must have at least a phone number. Secondly, an online and constantly updated website. And finally, a certain address and warranty period as insurance.

ECO-FLO is relatively a young company. But it has completed the first step after a certain amount of experience. And created a unique place in the sector. Therefore, we wanted to review the ECO-FLO products in this part. So we had a chance to introduce them in details. If you consider buying a primary or backup sump pump or replacing your sump pump, we think that ECO-FLO has the answers to your questions related to your needs.

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