Little Giant Pumps GIDDS-521252 1/3 HP Submersible Sump Pump Review


Having a flooded basement is not really a pleasant or healthy experience. Not only is it a nuisance to step in the water like that, but it is also a health hazard. And you can become diseased from that dirty water. Since the weather is getting more and more severe with each year, you are at the risk of having water in your basement, crawl spaces or house overall more and more. To mitigate that problem, you should consider making a sump basin and then buying a sump pump for your basement to drain that water from your house. That is where Little Giant Pumps comes in.

It can be perfect for heavy rainfall, snow melting, or for flooding, and the model in this little giant sump pump review is also good for continuous work, therefore, it can be used for other things – things like underground water drainage and for lawn sprinklers as well in dry areas. In short, Little giant pumps brand review is here to help you make an in-depth view of the device so that you can make the best decision amongst other top-rated sump pump brands

Little Giant Pumps GIDDS-521252 1/3 Horsepower Submersible Sump Pump

Firstly, The Little Giant pumps 6-CIA model is designed to work submerged and it has 1/3 Hp to drain water from your sump basin. Since it is a submersible pump, it requires less maintenance – it needs to be designed that way since taking the pump out of the sump basin is difficult. Even though it is designed to be underwater, it has a lower lifespan than a pump that is supposed to be above the water level.

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In order to stop water from getting into the electric wiring, it has an epoxy coated cast iron housing.

The pump is able to move large volumes of water, and it has a diaphragm pressure switch which engages the pump at 7 inches to 10 inches water level and turns it off at 1 inch to 4 inches. The 1/3 Hp motor is designed to be durable, and it can be used continuously. This model is one of the stronger ones, and you should take note of the needs that you have so, you do not overspend.


The pump can be used for a variety of things – it can transfer or recirculate water in industrial, commercial and home environments. As we stated previously, one of such applications would be a lawn sprinkler since it makes enough pressure to power it. The discharge port is 1 1/4 inch FNPT, however, it does not come with a reducer for a garden hose. You need to use a simple bushing with male NPT 1 1/4 inch X 3/4 inch female NPT and insert a 3/4 inch all thread bushing NPT then install an adaptor 3/4 inch NPT female X 3/4 inch garden hose male thread, then add 3/4 inch garden hose. Most importantly, you should take note of the fact that it is designed to work only when it is fully submersible. So, you cannot use it for example to drain your flooded yard.

In addition, to the specifications what we’ve pointed above,


17.66 pounds
10.3 x 10.3 x 9.7 inches
Power Source
115 Volts
Cast Iron
Switch Type
Tethered Integral Diaphragm/Piggyback Mechanical Float
Discharge Size
Cord Length
1 year – limited



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One of the few drawbacks of this device is the fact that some people have complained that it produces too much noise during work. Kind of buzzing, for instance, water hammer sound or water gurgling. However, that is a subjective matter, and it might not bother you at all. After all, It depends on where you place them and how you install the sump pump. You also need to consider the fact that even though it requires less maintenance than the pump on a platform, you will occasionally need to pull it out of the basin and clean it out since the sludge can clog up the intake hose and make it much less efficient. However, the process is not complex, and it can be done with relative ease.

In addition, there have also been some complaints about its efficiency dropping significantly just months after purchase or for example after using it to drain a pool of water. Since it has only 1 year of limited warranty, that could become a problem if it fails after that time.

Final Thoughts




Buying a sump pump for your home or for your place of work is a long-term decision so, you should do as much research as it is possible to make sure that you get the right device for your needs. If you have a basement floor that is constantly getting flooded and you need something that will work full-time to keep it dry (And maybe a little home improvement too), then this Little Giant pumps review has hopefully made the decision easier for you.

You should always pay attention to the strength of the device and make sure that you do not buy something that is too weak to do its job or too powerful so you are wasting its capacity. And like we always want you to consider as the best option, buying a battery backup sump pump system or combination sump pump backup system with high battery power which will be here for you during power outages would be better for your basement and crawl spaces, furnitures, and the whole house. This is a durable model and with a few exceptions, But, it will last you a long time. In conclusion, you would get a good value for money if you chose to buy this sump pump device.

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