Superior Sump Pump 92250 1/4-Horsepower Thermoplastic Sump Pump Review

This article will do the Superior sump pump review with all of the features. But before that, we would like to talk about “weather”. Increasingly changing weather patterns can make us all think, whether we have made our property and lives safe from this threat. Some of the main issues with weather are most certainly floods with rising water levels. Some people, who live in urban areas have tools to combat increasing flood issues, but in rural areas that can be a major issue. Of course, every house can be in danger if you are in a flood-hit area. But, an important fact has to be stated, which tells us that not all floods are extreme and too dangerous.

On the other hand, they can make significant damage to your property, especially if you have a large and deep basement floor level. If your house was built in an area with strong underground waters, or swamps, your property can be in a world of trouble if you don’t have a way to tackle it. For this purpose, you can build a sump basin with a sump pump, furthermore, as extra insurance and the best option, buy battery backup sump pump for your basement or combination sump pump backup system that will get rid of that unwanted water and keep your property always safe and dry no matter what conditions are(power outages or kinds of power failures).

Superior Sump Pump 92250 1/4-Horsepower Thermoplastic Sump Pump with Tethered Float Switch

The Superior Sump Pump 92250 is a decently priced submersible sump pump device which comes with a quarter of an HP in strength. It’s one part thermoplastic housing does not allow corrosion or rust problems for the machine which operates underwater but heat dissipating might be lower than the cast iron or stainless steel built machines. The pump is able to pump 30 gallons per minute up to 25 feet of vertical height. The superior sump pump is able to operate 24/7, and it has a split capacitor motor. This makes it perfect for a round the clock operation at a good price (this makes it one of the top-rated sump pumps among the best sump pump brands in the market even though its cheap price).

Performance and Usage

This is a compact and solid pump, which is designed to have a lower flow rate that will not damage the pump. Also, the pump has a built-in airlock preventer. Manufacturer states that they installed a waterproof power cord that is 10 feet long for high capacity pumping, but we would be careful with using the maximum capacity of the device. Usually, manufacturers tend to expand performances, so we would advise you not to use it for the whole 25 feet, but rather 20 to 23.

The device can also be used as a utility pump if the float switch is removed. The device is UL listed, CSA certified and has a 1-year limited warranty, which is a very good sign since the machine is from the low-cost group. The pump is made out of corrosion resistant thermoplastic that will sustain household needs. The above mentioned adjustable float switch was made to automatically turn the pump on or off but there have been reported malfunctions of the float switch from the users a few months after the device was bought.

You can see some of the specifications regarding Superior Sump Pump below this text. In order to ensure that this product fits your needs, you can check the measurements by yourself.


8.1 pounds
7 x 7 x 12 inches
Power Source
120 Volts
Switch Type
Discharge Size
1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″
Discharge Type
Cord Length
Solids Handling
Impeller Type
1 year – Limited

Also, what can happen with the pump is that for some users it can have a low output, which is important to understand right in the beginning. If you do not need a high-powered device, but rather a pump with a smaller output, this should work just fine. But if you are trying to save money and think that this device will be able to handle a bit more than it says, it can be a major mistake and wasted money. We wouldn’t recommend going into the back and forth dealing with customer support, because you might not get a very good response.



From the above table, you can see a clear correlation between the length of the hose and the number of gallons pumped. It is advisable not to buy the device before you do your personal measurements and compare it to this table. It is crucial to do that because you might think that the device will be able to pump the same amount of water on all lengths. Additionally, the manufacturer also offers a variety of optional accessories such as battery backup system with high-quality battery power, sump pump check valves, basins, basin covers, sump pump alarms, hose kits, adapters, bases, and filters.

If all of this wasn’t enough, we will also give you the sum of our analysis of this pump encompassed in pros and cons. The overall conclusion would be that this is a good quality device for its cost.

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Final Thoughts




Buying a sump pump for your needs is something that can be perceived as a long-term decision, which should be based on your actual needs. The best advice we can give you is that you should buy superior sump pump if your needs are met according to the specifications, and of course always be ready that it is possible for this pump to fail at some point, especially the float switch, but it should be expected with a small number of devices.

Even though the customer support isn’t the best trait of this company, it should still not be an exclusion factor for buying the pump. There is no need to pay more if it will work just fine. And once again we would like to point out the significance of checking the device performance table which is a very important thing in sump pump ratings so that you can determine whether you need it or not. Other than these worries, this pump should work just fine for a prolonged period of time. We hope that the superior pump review helped you make the right choice for your unwanted water.

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