WAYNE CDU790 1/3 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump review


The news is full of reports of heavy rainfall. Consequently, every once in a while you might hear that there is a flood happening in an area near you. If you have a basement that is below ground level, that might affect you in a very negative way. Water level may rise and the flood might occur on your basement floor as well during such weather events. Your possessions might get soaked consequently ruined from exposure to water. The things you keep in the basement might even get damaged without extreme weather conditions. This is why we wrote a full and detailed review about a device, one of Wayne 1/3 hp sump pump model in this article.

You might have built your house in a very wet and swampy area. And you might not have been implemented some home improvement techniques to make everything better for your house. Therefore, water might be leaking through your foundation walls. These leaks may cause power failures on electrical system which will cause power outages or even fires after that.

If you are a forward-thinking person, then you have built a sump basin to take care of the excess water in your home. After that, you will be looking for just the right and the best sump pump for your basement to take that polluted water away. In this review, we are going to talk about one of the best sump pump brands worldwide and the countries that are designed for such a job.

WAYNE CDU790 Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump / 1/3 HP

There are two main types of sump pumps – pedestal sump pumps and those that are submersible sump pumps. Those that are on the pedestal are above the sump basin, and they are more accessible, In addition, they are also more visible. Their motor is above the sump, as a result, it is easier to service it. These pumps typically last longer, but they are prone to get clogged. The submersible sump pumps are mounted inside the sump, and they are totally waterproof in order to prevent electrical short circuits. So, they will not get clogged like the above ground versions.

As the title states, WAYNE 1/3 hp sump pump CDU790 model is fully submersible therefore that means that it is designed to operate underwater inside the sump basin.

As the title states, WAYNE 1/3 hp sump pump CDU790 model is fully submersible therefore that means that it is designed to operate underwater inside the sump basin.

Also, It can fit inside sump basins that are 11 inches or larger. The device is designed to be very quiet during its operation, therefore, it will not bother you for example, with gurgling water sound or water hammer kind of noises as it works to clear out the murky water from your house. It has 1/3 Hp and it is assembled in the USA with foreign and domestic parts. The float switch is tested to 1 million cycles.

please click to see what 1 million cycles test mean

Usage & Power

Installing Wayne 1/3 hp sump pump is certainly easy when you follow the instructions carefully. Especially before attempting to assemble, installing, operate or maintain the product as described in their manuals and save all the instructions for the later use. So, maybe you will not need to call an expert when you are linking it up to your sump basin and your sewage outlet.

When it comes to clogging, top suction strainer filters debris and stops it from forming up on the intake. The Wayne 1/3 hp pump does not require to weep holes. Moreover, the cast iron seal plate prevents galvanic corrosion and leaks. The heavy-duty motor is filled with oil. in addition, it is very durable. The housing is also high quality cast iron so you can expect it to last. Since accessing the sump pump can be a bit difficult because it is underwater, that feature is a must.


1/3 HP
Max gallons per hour
Switch type
Vertical Float
3 years
Cast Iron/Epoxy Coated Steel
Suction type
Top Suction Design Eliminates Clogging & Filters Debris



Final Thoughts



If you want to use a garden hose, then you are going to need to put on an adapter that converts the 1.5-inch pipe thread into the one suitable for the garden hose. If you are moving such small amounts of water, you might want to consider buying a sump pump model with lower hp. (But always consider buying a battery backup sump pump system or combination sump pump backup system for extra insurance) There is no sense in wasting money for operating capacity that you are never going to need or use. When you are setting the pipe up, be sure to put it just above the normal water level. If you do not, the pump will work all the time and strain itself for no reason. If you are looking for something to get rid of excess rainwater, it will start pumping only when the water level rises.

There have been some complaints about the hose from the Wayne 1/3 hp sump pump customers since it has been known to break. For instance, one person found it cracked in two places even before the freezing temperatures set in. There have been no other major complaints when it comes to this device so we can safely recommend it for purchase. You will, on the other hand, need to look at the specifications to see if this model is too powerful or too weak for the sump basin that you have. This is one of the stronger and faster models out there and it costs $112.42 at such a fairly cheap sump pump price.


Top-rated sump pumps are supposed to last a long time. Consequently, getting a sump pump for your basement is a long-term decision. That means that you want something that will last for a long time and that will require as little maintenance as possible. If you have a basement that is constantly flooded by underground waters or if you are in an area that experiences severe rainfall or frequent flooding, then buying this device could be just the solution that you need.

Wayne sump pump is a durable model on account of its iron casting and it can do its job quietly while it is submerged. It is easy to set up and the heavy-duty motor is well protected with its iron casing so, you will not need to frequently access it for maintenance. That is important since getting to it will be more difficult than when you have a pump with a pedestal. There have not been many customer complaints, so we can assume that people did not have many problems with this particular model other than the hose cracking on some occasions. In conclusion and In our opinion, Wayne 1/3 hp sump pump CDU790 offers good value for money.

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