Zoeller M53 Sump Pump-Mighty-Mate Submersible

Here comes the review of most possible answer: Zoeller M53 Sump Pump to the most important question: What is the best submersible sump pump which fits into the sump pit in your basement floor? or What is the best sump pump? Water transfer, water management, water movement, dewatering, basement systems, water displacing… It is an industry called by one of the terms above. You have probably heard one of these terms either because of a need or coincidentally. A lot of companies and thousands of products all aiming mainly to transfer water from one place to the other. Especially when water level raises with such specific circumstances… It seems complicated to choose and compare the product which will fulfill your needs among many devices, mechanisms, and systems categorized under various and specific fields and tons of information pollution.

What do you look at first when choosing the product which will meet your need? What would be your answer to this question based on your usual shopping habits without limiting it only with this industry, no matter what you call it? Let us answer this question for you: you look at the product itself.

 Yes, what we really want to see first is the product itself. For example, we only choose the products with pictures or products which have any kind of visuals. In consequence, the first impression is a valid rule in the water management industry. It is almost in every industry addressing to certain customers. The first impression that you get when you see the product first is actually a process during which you find many clues about the product. Therefore, we preferred starting our review by underlining the importance of this matter first.

Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump, 1/3 HP 

This 50 Series of the Zoeller sump pump is one of the top-rated sump pumps which are in great demand throughout the worldwide and the countries and maybe the best ones. The reason why it is on top of our list is that we chose Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump, 1/3 HP as the best sump pump. This pump is produced by Zoeller Pump Company. The brand has a respectable place among other pump companies in terms of both performance and durability. The pump is corrosion and rust resistant thanks to its cast iron motor on thermoplastic base. So it has the capacity to be under water for a long time.

 1/3 HP motor requires a 115 V or 230 V power supply and discharges 2400 gallons of water at 5 feet per hour from your house or basement in a very short time without any effort. At first glance, it looks like the perfect sump pump for this duty compared to cast iron and stainless steel sump pumps. It must be getting its robust appearance from this feature: cast iron. As it has to work under the water for a long time, thick and solid body to protect the motor is acceptable as one of the basic features preferred in a sump pump.

 Its compact design includes the handle used for placing the sump pump in the basin easily where this type of sump pumps stay in to discharge the accumulated water.

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Design, Quality & Power

The best submersible sump pump systems are mostly manufactured from cast iron or a similar material. Think about those red hydrant pipes in the streets installed to extinguish a fire. You will see that it is also made from robust and rough material. Or think about the pipelines or faucet systems in our houses. Because no matter where we look, we will see that a durable material is preferred mostly when it comes to fresh or wastewater, as you can guess that any equipment or hardware related to water needs to have a longer lifespan.

For this reason, the physical structure and the feeling of confidence this structure gives to the customers are two of the issues that we mostly emphasize in our Zoeller submersible sump pump ratings and reviews. Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate proves its difference at this point because of its robust and rugged cast iron motor housing, volute, switch case and sleeve bearings, corrosion and rusting-resistant stainless steel switch guard and handle, glass filled plastic impeller with metal insert within for more durability. In the sump pump base which is most likely to be exposed to water continuously and on which the whole mechanism stands engineered, the thermoplastic is preferred.

An additional accessory

We must add that you can create a safer place between the pump and ground with optional pump stand which is sold with some additional accessories. What sort of advantages does additional pump stand bring?

Power Features

60 Hz shaded pole motor has maximum 1550 RPM speed and can work either with 115V or 230V. For light commercial or residential use, 1/3 HP motor discharges:

It operates either automatically or manually and comes with two power cord options in different lengths. If you prefer the automatic sump pump, the length of the power cord will be 9 ft. (3 m) and if you prefer the manual one, the length of the power cord will be 15 ft. (5 m). It can pump water maximum up to 19.25 ft. (5.9 m) of head.

In addition to heat dissipation feature of the full cast iron body, the oil-filled motor also enables longer cooling capacity. When the motor reaches 13 ºF which is the maximum temperature, auto reset thermal overload protection steps in after that. So it allows the pump to rest until the motor is cool enough.

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The Vortex Impeller

Zoeller adopts a self-confident strategy and goal in its vortex impeller design, to be more precise we can say its design choice, as impeller designs are mostly standard and that goal is “reliability”. Within this scope, the biggest advantage of the vortex design is to minimize and even eliminate the risk of clogging. An additional advantage of the vortex impeller is to handle spherical solids up to 1-1/2 inch (12 mm). Of course, they had to give up another important factor which is “more efficiency”. As a matter of fact, other designs in the industry such as semi-open or closed impeller provide better efficiency. When we say efficiency we mean higher discharge capacity. However, these designs cannot handle the main problem of clogging better than vortex. Given that, Zoeller’s strategic choice might be ideal for light commercial and residential use.

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Product Tests

If we talk about the testing of Zoeller products, all products including M53 Mighty-mate go through 100 % factory test. But what is this factory test? The special process during which products are tested gradually is called the factory test. And it is comprised of 2 stages called electric and hydraulic tests. At the first stage, gaskets, seal, and mating surfaces are tested for a leak. After that, it is controlled if they will leak under pressure.

The product which passes the leak test will be tested under the water for performance to see if it meets the catalog specifications. At this stage, they test the flow rate and the pump’s head capacity. This aimed to control if the pumping capacity of the product is as it is claimed to be. After that, the 2-phase factory test is completed and the product which passes the test is proved to be operable.

Accessories & Spare Parts

Lastly, we are going to list some of the accessories that may be used with Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump system. You can buy these accessories directly from the company. Accessories which increase the performance and durability and bring additional features are as follows:

Wrap Up

The working principle of sump pumps is the whole of a process including similar standards. Except for the methods and raw materials tried for innovation. The most important thing in this process is your method to use all of these components together, strategically. Indeed, a sump pump is a mechanism whose working mechanism is previously determined and has a specific standard. Companies develop these working standards in their R & D departments through trial and error method or adding something over the previous standard.

At this point questions like “What type of motor will be used or how the motor will be revised?”.  “What kind of material will be used in the housing or other components?”.  “Which type of impeller will maximize the performance and sustainability?”. “What is the technology will be preferred for the float switch?”.  “Does sump pump check valve have enough efficiency to reduce noise like water hammer? “.  “How can we add on and develop the existing technologies?”.  “What is the amount and method for testing?” have importance on the process.

The success of a company’s products varies according to the fact if they made the most logical choices while assembling all the pieces and turning them into a whole mechanism for commercial and residential use. Therefore, we wanted to focus mainly on the logic behind these variables when we prepare our reviews. Consequently, what we have seen are their products which are not only durable, quality and efficient but also “logical” and “smart”. That is why Zoeller M53 submersible sump pump is our most favorite product. In conclusion, We absolutely recommend it.

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