Little Giant Sump Pump Reviews – (Buying Guide 2023)

The number one problem that the USA has been encountering lately is basement flooding. It is in the reports of some institutions like FMA (Floodplain Management Association). And it is classified as a hazard in these reports. Flooding has turned into a problem which needs to be solved. As a result of that, Besides some home improvement solutions, the number of companies like little giant sump pump company offering alternative solutions to their customers in different fields has increased and they have created an industry. This led to a decrease in the amount of damage and an increase in the demand for water removal industry.

Customers have understood the importance of basement sump pump systems while looking for a solution. They started looking for the best-rated sump pump tailored to their needs. So what makes one pump product more advantageous in best sump pump ratings than the other top-rated sump pumps in the USA where the flooding is more likely to happen? Little Giant answers the question with its product range which indicates the advantages that customers will have. All we have to do is to analyze the sump pumps in details.

Let’s have a look at our Little Giant sump pump reviews. And check out Little Giant’s best choice of sump pumps for your basement


Little Giant 6-CIA Automatic Submersible Sump Pump

Price: $ | Hp: 1/3 | Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 8.5 x 6 inches | Item Weight: 13 pounds | Material: Cast Iron

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Little Giant 508058 8-CIM 25FT Manual Sump Pump

Price: $$ | Hp: 4/10 | Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 9.5 x 6 inches | Item Weight: 18.95 pounds | Material: Cast Iron

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Little Giant 6-CIA Automatic Submersible Sump Pump, 115V, 1/3HP, 10′ cord

Design, Power & Quality

Little Giant 6-CIA is designed for residential use with its 1/3 HP motor. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, though. It may look small but as its name claims, it is really a little giant with its robust and tough-looking structure and blue epoxy coat.

115V motor (with GFCI protection) discharges 2760 gallons of water per hour at 5 ft. Performance decreases to 760 gallons at 15 ft. The cast iron motor housing is powder coated against corrosion. Polypropylene is used in the volute and nylon is preferred in the impeller.

Components such as fasteners are made out of stainless steel. In addition to the material choice in the motor housing, it is oil-filled to dissipate the heat better.They took every possible precaution to prevent overheating. After that, they added the thermal overload protection to protect the motor from high temperatures. This mechanism stops the motor when it reaches a certain temperature. Then starts it back again after it is cool enough.

The short height of Little Giant and integral diaphragm switch allow it to work in smaller basins and lower water levels. The integral diaphragm is located inside a lid. When the water rises to a certain level, it triggers the switch. Therefore, activates the whole system.


The price of the product is higher than its counterparts in the market. For this reason, it may be the choice for the ones who are looking for a more durable product with a higher sump pump cost when buying a sump pump. The lifespan of the product according to the customer feedbacks can be up to 15 years. Even though the company only offers a 12-month warranty, the warranty period may be extended. As of 2018, customers can benefit from the 3-year warranty period. If you want to learn the exact period of warranty, you can contact the sales representative.

Little Giant 508058 8-CIM 25FT Manual Sump Pump

Now, this sump pump is interesting as it has an unusual motor power. This is rare in the industry: 4/10 HP. Little Giant 508058 from the 8-Series with a manual switch is offered either in cast iron or cast bronze motor housing with epoxy powder coat for additional protection against corrosion. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel material is preferred in the fasteners and inner components. Polypropylene is used in the volute and impeller.

As it is usual to see in almost all sump pumps, thermal overload protection also exists in this product.

We must underline the fact that this is not an automatic pump. Therefore, it starts operating when you pull in the plug.The oil-filling within the housing enables rapid cooling and therefore a longer lifespan. Its discharge capacity is 3240 GPH at 5 ft., 2520 at 10 ft. and 1560 GPH at 15 ft. In residential and light commercial applications, this performance is quite satisfying.

Although this sump pump costs more compared to other sump pumps in similar categories, its durability and Franklin Electric corporate guarantee behind it may help you decide if you are looking for a durable and quality sump pump.

Franklin Electric Company and Little Giant Sump Pumps

Little Giant, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Foundation & Company

Little Giant is a brand of internationally recognized Franklin Electric Company which has a special place in the water management industry with its experience over 75 years. It offers efficient and strong products to its customers as a result of its engineering experience in the field.

Headquartered in 9255 Coverdale Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809, USA. It has a wide network of distributors in different continents including Australia. Franklin Electric not only manufactures products of water movement but also fuel movement. It is probably one of the biggest reasons for its being a large company. The small American factory that manufacturing motors have become a global and large company over time. Interestingly, got its name from the pioneer American electric engineer Benjamin Franklin.

The company was founded by two electrical engineers in 1944. Less than 20.000 US dollars and now it has become a multi-million dollar company. According to their vision, this is not enough for them. Because they aim to become the biggest in the world in the water-fuel movement industry.

Production Range

Franklin Electric does not only own Little Giant, but it also has another sump pump brand called Red Lion. As they emphasize on their website, the company and its employers are expected to follow these factors in order to achieve success: Availability, Service, Innovation and Cost. If you read the customer reviews, you won’t be able to see much complaints related to the company support. Such a large company must attach importance to customer relations and experience.

They manufactured the first submersible sump pump in the 1950s based on the design of the founder himself. In addition to wide range of products, Little Giant manufactures sewage, effluent products, Battery backup sump pump systems as ac powered with high battery power, accessories like sump pump alarms and spare parts like sump pump check valves, dewatering and trash pumps, condensate pumps, magnetic drive pumps, low pressure sewer systems, water garden products and a wide variety of utility pumps. Another advantage of the sump pumps is that they can also be used as a portable utility pump. So they can be inside or outside the basin. Thanks to this feature of Little Giant submersible pumps, users also own a system which enables water transfer from the narrow or large places such as storm shelters, transformer vaults, laundry trays and so on, where the water accumulates.

Performance & Warranty

Feedbacks of the customers who experienced the Harvey Hurricane in 2018 have proved that Little Giant sump pumps were quite successful during all stages of the hurricane. The company provides a standard warranty period of 12 months for most of its products. But they have introduced additional 3-year warranty for selected products of sump, sewage and utility pumps. Maybe the extreme hurricanes in the USA and sump pump mechanisms used during these hurricanes have led to a revision in Franklin Electric.

Final Thoughts

  • Corporate guarantee and support
  • Big international company worldwide and the countries
  • Availability of Battery Backup Sump Pump and Combination Sump Pump Backup Systems
  • Integral diaphragm float switch
  • The small body which enables the pump to work at lower water level

  • High Sump Pump prices
  • Short warranty period before 2018
  • Lack of online information on how their products are tested
  • No pedestal sump pumps


We have reviewed one of the sump pump brands manufacturing sump pumps. Little Giant sump pumps offer great protection from the tremendous hurricanes getting more destructive each year. It’s very interesting that the flooding these hurricanes causes which is according to researches the biggest disaster of today and mostly ignored. It is natural there are so many customers who think that it deserves its name. But, there are other customers who are not satisfied with the product and had a bad experience with the product. It is obvious that none of the mechanisms or humans are perfect. At this point, we look for the “best product” which will answer to our needs for the longest possible time. And of course, we don’t want them to disappoint us the moment we need it the most and deserve the quality of its name and the price.

We accept that Little Giant carries bigger responsibility for its products which cost more than the average market prices. When the customers encounter a bad experience with Little Giant products, their reaction will be surely bigger in line with the higher prices. If they can’t provide fast and effective support to their customers in such cases, the reliability and dignity of the company will directly decrease.

If we look at it from our point of view instead of company’s, no matter what their name, brand and past experiences are, it is crucial for you and your budget to have a spare product, get professional support during the installation and maintenance phase the product regularly.

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