Sump Pump Cost-How To Choose Right Sump Pump


Everything that we will mention related to sump pump cost in this article below. Because, first of all, you run on a budget, and you have to think about your expenses. And it is the almost first question you want to be answered before buying something: “How much does it cost?” We will make sure that you will have a clear idea when it costs less or more in our article.

Preparing for floods or storms is a very important task. So you should put a good deal of effort now to prevent some really nasty problems in the future. Building a sump system is a way to protect your home from water damage that comes with heavy rainfall or just underground water. It is really important to buy the best sump pump for the basement. And it has to be proper for the structure of your home. Like foundation walls, pipe structure, electrical system, basement floor…Or the approximate capacity your basement or crawl spaces to be getting flooded etc.

This guide will try to give you an idea of what to look for when you are searching the Internet for the right product among top-rated sump pump products. There are many different manufacturers around. And sump pump brands that offer a large variety of models, all of which have their own specifications. It can all be very overwhelming for someone who does not have any technical experience. Making the right choice now when it comes a model will decrease sump pump cost in the long run considerably.

Things to consider when buying a sump pump

How strong does the sump pump need to be?

When making a choice when it comes to the strength of the sump pump device, you need to consider how much water you will be pumping. This page offers a very useful calculator when it comes to sump tank sizes and it gives you an idea of the type of sump pump that you need to drain that water from your home so you could make it less damp.

Sump pump materials

different materials types

sump pump costs by material types

The quality of materials used for a pump has a direct effect on the sump pump cost. Also, those will play a large role in how long the thing will last and how well it will perform. Cheaper pumps have plastic casing while the more durable models have cast iron housing. The difference is more pronounced when we are comparing submersible models to those on a pedestal. Those on a pedestal are usually of lower quality materials, but they tend to last longer. Despite that since they are not in the water itself and that means that corrosion is not an issue.

Sump pump types, price

different pump types

sump pump cost based on types

When we are talking about the sump pump cost, the most common choice is between submersible sump pump models and models on a pedestal. Despite there are good quality and cheap sump pump models for sure. But submersible models are more expensive since they need to be watertight under water. They are also much quieter than the models on pedestals. The reason why the water surpasses the motor sound since it is inside the water. The problem with them is that they are more difficult to maintain. Because you need to break the concrete to get to them in the sump pump pit.

When sump pump failure happens, it is much easier to fix the pedestal sump pumps since their most important parts, motors are above the water and they can detect the water level with a float switch. They also tend to have a much longer lifespan. The drawback is that they take up space and that they produce a lot of noise.

Sump pump installation

You need to make a choice whether to install the pump yourself or get a licensed person to do it for you. So your total sump pump cost will differ depending on what you decide this point. Most people tend to have a professional do it for the 1st time since they need to dig the sump basin, install the plumbing, hoses, electrical connections, etc. It is much easier to replace the sump pump and many users attempt to do that themselves.

Sump Pump Cost-How To Choose Right Sump Pump


Warranty conditions

Sump pumps are supposed to last a long time. 10 years is the expected lifespan and they should last even longer than that. But eventually they are mechanical devices and you may find yourself in a situation that your sump pump needs a repair. A clear distinction should be made between the lifespan of a submersible and pedestal model. The submersible model will last a lot less since it is in a moist environment. Considering those factors, the warranty should be at least 3 years in the more quality models. Be sure to research models that offer only a 1-year warranty well since you do not want to have something this crucial failing every few years.

Spare part findability

The sump pumps are supposed to last a long time. However, you can find yourself in a situation that your pump has been discontinued for several years. These products are built to last, and you can extend their life even further if you replace the parts as they get worn out or damaged during their continuous use. Most parts are compatible with older models, but you may find yourself in trouble if you are looking for something specific that has been taken off the market. So this one adds some extra sump pump cost as well. Sometimes it is simpler to buy a new pump then to spend the time and energy to find something obscure on the internet.

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Preparing the place where the sump pump will settle down

When you are building your sump pit, you must keep in mind what sort of pump you will be using for it. It needs to be able to fit inside it to drain water properly so it needs to be wide enough. Sump basins are usually 12 – 15 inches and larger. It is not advisable to make them smaller than 12 inches. They are supposed to collect water, so you need to place them in a way that the floor slopes towards it so the gravity does the work of collecting the water. That is the easiest way to collect the dampness from the room in the basement. If there is flooding or heavy rain, it is also good to have the sump basin placed in that way.

Submersible sump pump costs naturally more, and be prepared to break the concrete once the pump malfunctions. It is a messy process, and that is the reason many people choose to get pedestal sump pumps. Because it is easier to get to them and maintenance does not involve breaking the concrete.

Sump pump replacement

As we have mentioned in the previous passage, replacing a sump pump is not an easy process, especially if you have a submersible model. The basement sump pump cost for the replacement will be much higher if you have to break the concrete that is covering it. It also means that you need to call in a professional unless you know what you are doing and you have a cement mixer.

Replacing the pump costs much less than getting a new one. Because there is already a sump pump basin built and the drainage has also been installed. Then all you need to find a properly sized sump pump for the sump basin and integrating all parts(sump pump float switch, sump pump check valve ) before closing the basin with sump pump cover. If you are replacing a pedestal pump, you need to be prepared to spend 100-500 dollars. When it comes to a submersible model, the cost is between 200 and 1100 dollars. You can expect the pedestal pump to last for about 25-30 years and the submersible pump 5-15. When you are looking for a replacement model, be sure to check out its characteristics since getting the wrong sized one is a mistake that is difficult to correct.

Electricity consumption of a sump pump (Based on its size, height, hp etc.)

When buying a sump pump, the most important thing to consider the strength of the motor. If you get a weak one, it will not be able to handle all the water during storm seasons. If it is too strong, you will be wasting capacity. So it’s all connected to your total sump pump cost again. It is always better to err on the side of caution and get a stronger one if you are unsure. The stronger the models are, the more power they are going to use. And you should factor that into your electricity bill. A sump pump battery backup system will be able to handle the extra load during times of power outages. So, you should take battery power into account as well. But the sump pump backup is generally weaker than the primary one and uses less electric

Sump Pump Insurance

If you have home insurance, the pump itself is usually not covered by it. However, this type of coverage can be easily added on to your homeowner’s policy in the form of what’s called an “endorsement”. Since dealing with the fine print is not something that a homeowner usually does, it is best to call an insurance agent and get a direct confirmation.


When it comes to choosing a sump pump, getting the best sump pump can be a difficult process. Most people do not have the technical know how to figure out what they need for their specific situation. That is why it is very important to do your research online 1st. Then, if you are still not clear on what you need, it is best to call for a professional to give you advice. It is prudent to pay extra to a plumber or an electrician to do the installation. Because an improperly set up sump pump system will cost you a lot more than the installation bill itself when the pump fails or just does not start when it is supposed to. This review like other best sump pump reviews was here to give you an idea of what to look out for, but that is only the start.

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