Liberty Sump Pump Reviews – (Buying Guide 2023)

Here before we talk about Liberty sump pump brand, Let’s talk about damages of hurricanes cause. It is stated that the damage that 3 different hurricanes (Maria, Harvey, and Irma) caused in 2017 costs more than 300 billion $. If we want to elaborate the damage, it would probably give us enough content for a new website. Such kind of extreme weather events happening every year under a different name. They are almost random in the continent and urge people to take more personal/family precautions. These extreme weather events and the heavy rain potential that comes along cause a severe flood and unrecoverable damage.

North Atlantic Hurricane Chart

So what are the precautions that people take by themselves or following the expert advice? Firstly, they include maintaining the clogged downspouts and drainage pipes. Secondly, repairing the windows and cracks in the building structure to prevent leakage. Thirdly, installing French drains and many small and detailed procedures for the sake of home improvement. Apart from that, sump pump systems installed previously and recommended strongly by experts have become a need rather than a choice. All users need to do is to choose the best sump pump or replace it with a better one. This is the exact reason why we wanted to prepare the best sump pump reviews with all the details. And we reviewed Liberty products which is one of the leading and the top-rated sump pump brands in this industry.

Let’s take a look at our Liberty product reviews. So, you can get detailed information on Liberty’s best sump pumps for 2019.


Liberty Pumps 237 230-Series Automatic Submersible Sump Pump

Price: $ | Hp: 1/3 | Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 9.6 x 10.5 inches | Item Weight: 11 pounds | Material: Aluminum

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 Liberty Pumps 457 Submersible Sump Pump

Price: $$ | Hp: 1/2 | Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 9.6 x 12.5 inches | Item Weight: 14.7 pounds | Material: Aluminum

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Liberty Pumps 287 280-Series Automatic Submersible Sump Pump

Price: $$$ | Hp: 1/2 | Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 13 inches | Item Weight: 19.46 pounds | Material: Cast Iron

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Liberty Pumps 237 1/3 Horse Power Automatic Submersible Sump Pump

Liberty Pumps 237 1/3 HP from the 230 series takes its place among 1/3 HP sump pump category with its unique features. Thanks to its vertical magnetic float switch which is integrated into the pump and works magnetically. It is able to work in 10-inches diameter pits.

It looks different than all other sump pumps in its category with its deep-finned powder coated aluminum motor housing. Its copper-like housing is manufactured similarly to the computer’s processor coolers. The finishing coat gives it the copper color. This special design helps you to distinguish Liberty sump pump products from others at first sight.

Apart from aluminum motor housing, polypropylene is used in the base and the switch case. On the other hand, stainless steel is used in the rotor shaft, fasteners, switch guard and handle in order to protect the pump from corrosion and rusting.

The deep-finned powder coated aluminum housing enables 225% more cooling compared to the cast iron housing. Additionally, oil filled motors and thermal overload protection are crucial when the submersible sump pump works extremely and needs cooling. Pump handles solids up to 3/8 inch thanks to its vortex style impeller. It is able to discharge 2200 gallons of water at 5 ft. of the head.

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Another important feature of the product which is worth mentioning is “quick-connect” technology. This feature is highly useful to change the 10-inches power cord easily. Liberty 237 with the 9,5 x 6,5 x 10,5 dimensions and 11 lbs. weight needs a 14-inches sump pit to fit in. Considering all these features and the 3-year warranty, it seems like a great choice for residential and light commercial purposes.

Liberty Pumps 457 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump

Here is another product from Liberty 450-Series. Liberty 450-Series offers 1/2 HP motor power and therefore, this Liberty sump pump stands out with its performance and special features among others. Thanks to its vertical float switch integrated to the pump it saves on the basin diameter and works in smaller pits.

The whole body is made from polypropylene and powder coated aluminum. The special design of its housing and powder coated aluminum material enable much more cooling compared to the cast iron. At the same time, the polypropylene which is preferred in the base. And switch case protects the pump from corrosion and rusting.

In addition to these, the hermetically sealed and oil-filled motor is another plus to keep the motor cool thanks to the thermal overload protection. It is our duty to remind you that motor cooling is crucial during heavy rains, hurricanes, and storms. So the sump pump can work longer periods without any failure.

Energy efficient 1/2 HP motor provides energy saving up to 40%. And has a capacity to discharge up to 3180 gallons of water per hour. The distance can go up to 30 ft. of the head. Its performance falls back to 2940 GPH at 5 ft. and 2340 GPH at 15 ft.

Quick-disconnect power cord allows you to replace it with a longer or shorter cord easily as in the 230-Series. What 257 and 237 have in common apart from that is their warranty period. 3-year limited warranty is offered for this sump pump, as well.

Vortex style impeller allows the passage of the solids up to 3/8 inch without any problem. The 115V pump has a classic GFCI protection. And is ideal for those looking for additional performance. Both in residential and light commercial sump pumps.

Liberty Pumps 287 1/2-Horse Power 1-1/2-Inch Automatic Submersible Sump Pump

Contrary to other Liberty sump pump Series, 280-Series prefers full one piece rugged cast iron housing. So this feature maximizes the durability and efficiency and promises long lifespan and durability. It is one of the most solid and high-performance products of 1/2 HP category. Because of that, 287 can be used either as a residential or commercial sump pump. It has 4200 GPH discharge capacity. And it has a vortex impeller which is able to handle 3/4 inch solids.

In addition to thermal overload protection, the oil-filled motor also enables protection against a maximum of 140 ºF fluid temperature. The magnetically operated vertical magnetic float switch is another advantage for narrow pits.

It has the capacity to discharge water over 35 ft. head high. So, it is clear proof that this sump pump can be used as a basement sump pump and in commercial heavy duty applications at the same time.

All of the components except the switch and cast iron parts are made out of stainless steel. Therefore, it shows maximum effort against corrosion and rusting. The unique quick-disconnect system enables easy replacement of the power cord. 10-inch and 25-inch power cords are offered in this model.

Another unique feature of Liberty is the warranty. It offers the same warranty period for every product. Even though this sump pump costs more compared to other products, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Liberty Pump Company

Company & Products

Headquartered in Bergen, New York, Liberty Pumps was founded in 1965. It manufactures and introduces various products within the water management industry and it is a famous company with its quality. They define themselves as “a family and employee-owned company” and use this statement in their logo as well.

Within their product range, there are almost all kinds of residential or commercial sump pump systems. Drain/condensate pumps, utility and specialty pumps, effluent pumps, sewage pumps/systems, grinder pumps/systems, engineered pump systems, macerating toilet systems, explosion-proof (hazardous location) pumps. In addition, control panels, accessories, basins, and energy-efficient products. And additionally, it also offers repairs and replacement parts services. It sells its products within the USA, Canada or internationally through wholesalers, retailers or distributors.

Apart from the battery backups, sump boxes and, combination systems manufactured as a backup for the sump pumps; the water-the quality powered back-up pumps which don’t need any electricity to operate are worth to take a look at. In case of power outage back up sump pump systems are ready to protect you and your house.

Quality & Technology

They produce epoxy powder coated aluminum sump pumps with a unique copper color. But this is not the only feature they add in their products. Energy-saving technologies are important features of their products as well. Such as split capacitor motors, unique vertical magnetic float switch design. In addition, 3-year limited warranty period offered for each product without any discrimination. So, you see an innovative, improving and powerful company profile which always stands behind its products.

The quality standard of their brands and registered trademark products is guaranteed with the ISO 9001. Furthermore, the quality of their products is checked regularly by Bureau Veritas Quality in the international arena. Their sump pump prices are rather high compared to other cheap sump pump products in the market. Probably due to their quality and material standard in the products. They don’t manufacture products at affordable prices such as thermoplastic pumps. So, they prefer materials in order to manufacture more durable, efficient and long-lasting products. They use materials like plastic and fiberglass mostly in the basins. And products in which using these materials won’t cause any problem.


As they stated in their website, their mission is to develop long-term customer relationships. They want to achieve it by providing high quality, innovative products, and total value through exceptional service, reliability and, responsiveness; and to provide their members with the opportunity for secure, satisfying careers through development, involvement, and teamwork. You can find information on their products, the company and water management in general on their website. You can also review every product under different categories with all the features and detailed documents. We also advice you to watch informative videos before buying a Liberty sump pump or another product of the brand. We must say that it is really one of the most orderly and elaborated websites that we have ever seen.

One of the most interesting things about Liberty is they also have an online apparel store! You can visit this interesting and colorful online store under the About Us title on the website. Probably it is another factor which distinguishes Liberty Pumps from others.

Final Thoughts

  • Corporate guarantee and support
  • An international network of distributors
  • Availability of Battery Backup Sump Pump and Combination Sump Pump Backup systems
  • Water powered sump jets
  • Magnetic float switch
  • Quick-Disconnect technology
  • Better cooling capacity thanks to aluminum
  • 3-year limited warranty for every product
  • Quality documents

  • Higher prices compared to others
  • Not enough information on the product-testing
  • Aluminum products must be fixed on the ground. It’s for to handle the buoyancy of the water due to the light structure of aluminum.


Liberty Pumps is one of the largest companies in this sector which is different than others and has high-performance products. They manufacture the standard pumping products for ground water and wastewater. Thanks to water-powered jet pump technology, it gains an additional advantage in the backup category. It also brings a whole new dimension to the industry.

They follow high profile pricing policy. But the standard warranty period for each product increases the trust in Liberty sump pumps. The local and international sale that their distributor and wholesaler network make brings not only local but also international reputation.

Liberty Pumps aim to manufacture more durable and high-performance products. Particularly residential sump pumps with 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 and 3/4 Hp motor power and cast-iron or powdered coat aluminum. Its high cooling capacity allows the pumps to discharge water with fewer stops and in a higher amount. This means a more sustainable working mechanism in extreme conditions. Instead of high-performance in a short time, they have preferred normal performance which is sustainable.

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